big. bigger. bigchild.

We tell stories about dreams and the journeys unconventional heroes take to make them come true. With hilarious characters, genuine emotion, and bold new worlds, our original stories engage audiences across multiple generations.

And every project from bigchild is conceived hand in hand both with apps to accompany the program, as well as a wide range of merchandising possibilities.

bigchild originals

  • Unternehmergeist

    • ZDF Digital
    • 2020
    • Western / Animadok

    • Based on the Podcast „Meine Wende – Unsere Einheit!?“ we were invited to visualize one episode. We decided on the double episode 29/30.

    • The life of Richard Hebstreit. An adventurous life between replica weapon construction, antique trade and digital pioneer.
  • Schnischna Schneck TV

    • 2020
    • Schnischna Schneck wants to visit her grandma. But unfortunately she can not go out. You can watch Schnischna on or subscribe to the youtube channel for more episodes.

  • Aschenbrödels Abenteuer

    • in Development
    • 2018
    • Fantasy
    • 26 x 11 min

    • A sparkly new animated fairytale based on „Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel“ by Božena Němcová.

    • The series got funding by MDM – Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung.

    • MDR
    • 2018
    • RomCom
    • 26 x 7 min.

    • Tim uses a dating app to find his soul mate. In each episode he meets another match and new experiences in his single life.
  • Land of Legends

    • in Development
    • 2019
    • Fantasy / Adventure
    • 26 x 11 min

    • A group of young heroes…

    • have to overcome their prejudices to save their world.

    • But it isn´t as easy as it seems to be.

    • in Pre-Production
    • 2019
    • Preschool
    • 52 x 3:30 min

    • Sleepy Head is a teddy bear. Every day he is woken up by Sunny whose bright warm rays burst into Sleepy Head’s bedroom. Time to get out of bed, eat a hearty, healthy breakfast and join Fleur the Fairy and Fluffy the Cloud. Together they harvest the precious dream dust, ready for Shooty, a shooting star, to scatter the dream dust in bedrooms all over the globe.

    • MDR
    • 2019
    • Infotainment
    • 22 x 3:30 min

    • Alpha T, the glorious president of planet Tenalp, has his very own way to deal with democracy, fundamental rights and the constitution.

    • the result: natural situations will be…

    • …solved in bloody nightmares.

    • in Development
    • Action Comedy
    • 12 x 26 min.

    • funk (ARD/ZDF)
    • 2017
    • Sitcom
    • 5 x 5 min.

    • What if christmas eve won´t exist anymore?

    • What if a cruel business man will do everything to steal christmas?

    • What if everyone will get presents all year long?
    • What will happen with the beloved show hosted by carola christmas?

    • What will happen to Carola?

    • And will we celebrate Christmas ever again?

    • And espicially: What does the little Frau from the street and his Mann say?

    • CAROLA CHRISTMAS UND DAS LETZTE WEIHNACHTEN will find an answer to these questions.

    • with the voices of Coldmirror, AlexiBexi and Martin Fischer.

    • with Philipp Walulis, Schlecky Silberstein, Hauke Gerdes und Janet Heller.


    • funk (ARD/ZDF)
    • 2016
    • Comedydrama
    • 16 x 3:30 min.

    • On a wonderful morning, Fleischwolf thinks about the sense of his life.

    • What initially seems like fun and adventure …

    • …will turn out soon as his worst nightmare.

    • A nightmare he can´t escape from.

    • It doesn´t matter what, he stays a prisoner.

    • Fleischwolf discovers a dark secret:

    • The Black Milk, a concentrate of pure evil no one can resist.

    • Fleischwolf has to make a decision. Will he unveil the secret?

    • Does he have a chance to live a normal life?

    • Or will it turn out to be the wrong decision. Like always…

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