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Sleepy’s Dream Team
A digital bedtime series
For 2-5-year-olds

Everyone has sweet memories of their favorite bedtime story. Of being tucked safely into bed and captivated by stories of gentle adventures with lovable characters that lull you to sleep and into the land of dreams.

This is the inspiration behind SLEEPY’S DREAM TEAM, an original digital series expertly crafted to deliver soothing bedtime stories to children.

Each of the 52 gentle adventures is crafted around appealing characters that pre-schoolers will adore and will make going to bed a positive activity for kids and parents alike.

Sleepy is a teddy bear. Every day he is woken up by Sunny whose bright warm rays burst into Sleepy’s bedroom. Time to get out of bed, eat a hearty, healthy breakfast and join Fleur the Fairy and Fluffy the Cloud. Together they harvest the precious dream dust, ready for Shooty, a shooting star, to scatter the dream dust in bedrooms all over the globe.

There are 52 episodes. Each episode is 3.5 mins in length.
Each story focuses on simple storylines with contemporary references suited perfectly for preschoolers and their experiences.

Each episode is narrated by a gentle, grown-up, comforting voice and available in multiple languages.

We co-produce this series in co-production with Freebird Pictures and the support of Creative Europe Media, Thüringer Staatskanzlei, MDM (Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung)