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Seahorse Sisters
Protectors of Aquaria

These superstar Seahorse Guardians are making a splash, saving the day and protecting the seven seas.

Dive into an enchanting, undersea world with the Seahorse Sisters, secret defenders of the deep.

Eager, adventurous SUZY RAYLIGHT is always the first to make a splash. Bouncy, bubbly TWINKLY PEARL finds laughter and sunshine in the darkest depths. Shy, sensible COMET CURIE is as smart and loving as a mama whale. Dark, enigmatic CRYSTAL MYSTIQUE can’t resist a mystery – the weirder the better! Bold, buoyant FURY DIAMOND likes to be in charge. She’s always ready to take the plunge.

These spectacular seahorse pals go to school at Coral Castle and share an exciting and challenging secret. When evil threatens, they transform into Seahorse Unicorns with extraordinary aqua-powers and defend the Kingdom of Aquaria from the evil machinations of MALICIA DEEP! I know, right?! She’s a total undertow. Only Headmistress AURA SHINING knows the girls’ true potential. Once a Seahorse Unicorn herself, she quietly trains the new batch of super sea guardians in the guise of managing their underwater band, Coral Kaboom, the rockin’est superstar-fish to tour Davey Jones’ Locker!

It’s not easy juggling class, homework, band practise and protecting the sea. But with a little friendship and whole lot of fun the Seahorse Sisters are ready to save the ocean blue for me and you!

Seahorse Sisters is the wild and watery a, aquatic adventure series from bigchild. Take a dip with these warm-hearted defenders of the deep as they learn, laugh and love, finding strength in friendship and dazzling derring-do. Dance and prance, Seashorse Sisters!

78 x 11 min. 3D animation for girls 6-9. created by Maurice van Brast and Kai Roman Schöttle written by Shelley Hoffmann and Robert Pincombe. Supported by Thüringer Staatskanzlei.