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A helping hand for everyone (WT)

MARI is a bright squid girl at the age of 6. She lives with her family in a sandcastle on the Blue Bay Coral Reef.
In the mornings she visits the reef preschool, where she and her best friends TUTS (6) and FIN (6) go to MR. ZIP’s class.
In the afternoon, the friends usually meet in the centrally located coral park where they play together.

WUM the whale (6), SPOTTI the shrimp (6), and after moving to the reef also JELLI the fire jellyfish (6) are always there.
They experience all kinds of adventures together. They get to the bottom of puzzles, explore the unknown, help others out of trouble or just play together. In doing so, they repeatedly meet BUBA pufferfish (9) and his friend KECK (8). The two are usually up to no good. They play tricks on Mari and her friends, nag, or make the friends‘ plans lousy.

Often the friends just wander over the reef or build their coral hut inside an anemone. From here they can overlook the whole reef. Wherever the rascals see something special, they are there in the flick of a flipper. Despite all obstacles, Mari and her friends always manage to achieve their goals in the end.

3D-animated adventures, 20 x 7 Minutes for 4-6-year-olds, commissioned by KiKA (Kinderkanal von ARD und ZDF).

Created by Maurice van Brast and Kai Roman Schöttle, written by Richelle Wilder and Agnes Schruf.